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Everything you need to know about TensorPix referral program and how it works.

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The Referral Program of TensorPix allows users to earn free Credits by inviting friends, family, and colleagues… to join TensorPix.

How to earn free Credits using the Referral Program in TensorPix:

  • Create your account on TensorPix: for more information on how to create a TensorPix account, see here.

  • Log in to your TensorPix account and click on "Earn Free Credits" in the bottom left corner.

  • A window will appear with information on how to invite friends, family, colleagues... to TensorPix. You can invite them by sending an invitation directly to their email address or by providing them with a link. The person who creates a TensorPix account through your invitation link will be counted as if you invited them.

  • When the person you invited creates a TensorPix account through the invitation you sent and activates their TensorPix account, both of you will be rewarded with free Credits.

Important note: Each user is entitled to invite a maximum of 10 individuals. For every successful invitation, both you and the person you invited will receive free Credits in your TensorPix accounts (It may take up to 1 day for Credits to be added to your account, if you have any issues please let us know at [email protected]).

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