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What are Credits and how do they work?

In TensorPix, you spend Credits to do everything in our web app. How much credits you need to spend in order to enhance one video or image, depends on many factors: source resolution, framerate, duration…

To help you out, the calculator inside the web app will always tell you how many Credits you need to enhance a file before you start the enhancement.

Every month, you get a new set of Credits based on your subscription plan. Credits you don't use rollover to the next month, so you can still use them. All Credits are valid for one year after purchase.

We also have a Free Preview option for videos. Free Preview runs video enhancement for Free. The result is a short watermarked sample of the enhanced video, so you can see what the end result will look like. Free Previews are not available in the Free plan.

Can I get free Credits?

When you sign up, you automatically receive a few free Credits. To get more free Credits, you can refer other people using your unique referral code. We also have special promos where we offer discounts and free Credits. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll be notified about these promos.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via credit or debit cards (Stripe payment provider) or via PayPal. Both are reputable companies with very high-security standards.

Do you have a refund policy?

We can always refund the full purchase price if you don't use the purchased Credits. In case you have used some of the purchased Credits and you're not satisfied with the results, you can contact us and we'll see if we can return some of the used Credits. Unfortunately, we can't give you a money refund if some of the Credits have been used. Please check out the Terms & Agreements for more details.


Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Of course! Visit your Billing page and click the 'Cancel plan' button to unsubscribe.
Your current subscription plan will remain active until the end of the current billing period. You won't lose any Credits if you cancel the subscription.

For Enterprises

What about Enterprise (B2B) deals?

Please contact us for more details.

Privacy and Security

Is my data safe and who can see my data?

We have implemented very high technical and organizational security policies to protect your data. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using military-grade 256-bit AES encryption algorithm for all data stored on our servers

  • Using long and random passwords for all access points

  • Using 2 Factor Authentication where applicable

  • Hashing all user account passwords

  • Regularly updating all our systems in order to avoid software exploits and hacks

  • Always giving users an option to delete ALL their data

  • Automatically deleting any unnecessary data such as temporary files

  • Restricting user data access to a minimum number of authorized personnel

  • Educating all employees about best security and privacy practices

Your data is never intentionally shared with other entities inside, or outside of our organization.

Do you claim any copyrights on the uploaded or enhanced videos and images?

We don't claim any copyrights on uploaded or enhanced videos and images. You can delete your files at any time. When you delete a file, we completely delete it from our servers.


I can't log in but I know my password is right.

Your account probably wasn't activated properly. You should receive an account activation email right after signing up. Be sure to check Spam, Promotions, and similar email folders. If you can't find the activation email, please contact us and we'll activate the account manually.

Video processing is taking very long (more than 2 days) or has been stuck.

On rare occasions, our servers can fail due to heavy load and your video job then becomes stuck. Please cancel the job and restart it. Most of the credits will be refunded if you cancel stuck jobs.

Why is video enhancing so slow?

Processing video using AI-enhancing algorithms is a computation-intensive task, even if we run it on high-end and expensive hardware. We're constantly working on improving the performance of our AI algorithms and you can expect the processing times to get better over time.

Video processing has failed

There can be multiple causes for this:

1. Video name is too long

Our system can sometimes struggle with extremely long file names (more than 400 characters). You can rename your files to something shorter and try again.

2. Video format is unsupported

While we support a wide range of formats, sometimes these formats have very specific settings that our system can't read properly. It usually helps if you remove the audio from the video and then try to enhance it, as audio is usually the culprit.


How can I delete my account?

Head over to the Settings page, and click on the `Delete account` button.

How does your tool compare to Topaz Labs?

The biggest difference is that Topaz Labs is an offline software that you install on your computer, while TensorPix can be used through a web browser.

Because Topaz runs on your PC, it uses your hardware to process files. This becomes problematic if your PC isn't quite high-end (and most users don't have high-end computers). You can still use Topaz with a less powerful computer, but the processing speed will be heavily impaired, meaning you could wait for tens of hours to enhance a mere couple of seconds of video.

On the other side, TensorPix sends all processing to the cloud which has access to powerful GPU hardware. This way, every TensorPix user has access to high-end hardware and doesn't have to worry about their computer being too slow.

Using cloud resources has another benefit. Cloud resources can be easily scaled meaning you can process multiple videos/images at once, without worrying if your computer can handle it. You can't do that with Topaz as processing ONE video or image will utilize nearly 100% of your computer’s processing power.


Choose Topaz Labs if you have a powerful computer and don't have many videos/images to process at once.
Choose TensorPix if you don't have a powerful computer or want to process a lot of videos/images very quickly.

Do you have a version that I can install on my computer and run locally?

We currently don't support on-premise software installation. Our framework utilizes Deep Neural Networks that are very heavy on computer resources. Because of that, one should have a powerful (and expensive) GPU card in order to run our software in a reasonable time.

Without a proper GPU, processing times for just a minute of SD video can be tens of hours or more. Furthermore, local installation is usually limited to processing one video at a time, per GPU. This isn't efficient if you want to enhance a large video archive.

How much of a quality improvement can I expect?

The rule of thumb is - the better the quality aspect you're trying to fix in the source, the better the enhancement. E.g. if the source has severe compression artifacts that obscure a lot of details, it's hard to expect much improvement.

However, if the source only has moderate or low artifacts, the end result would be much better as it's easier to fix minor artifacts than heavy ones. The best thing is to try enhancing a sample and see how it turns out (this is why we have Free Previews for videos).

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