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Learn how to get free previews for your videos

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Selecting the Free Preview checkbox when starting the enhancing process for your video will enable the Free Preview mode.

When checked, you'll immediately see the cost of the enhancement is Free. This means you won't be charged any Credits for this enhancement.

Free Preview mode is great for quickly checking how the output will look without spending any Credits.


Free Preview mode has its limitations.

The first limitation is the length of the enhanced video. If mode is enabled, only a few seconds of the video will be enhanced. The sample duration depends on the Subscription plan you're subscribed to. Check our pricing page to learn more.

The enhanced video will also have a TensorPix watermark in the bottom right corner.

Resolution limit

Free Previews are subject to the video resolution limits in the corresponding plan. E.g. If you're in the Pay-as-you-go plan, limit is 1920x1080 (Full HD). Check the pricing page for more details.

Trimming videos in Free Preview mode

You can use the Trim video functionality when using Free Preview mode. Trimming works as expected, except the end trim mark will automatically be shifted to match the Free Preview duration in your subscription package.

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