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If your videos suffer from a combination of quality issues, then the Deep Cleaner is a perfect choice for you!

Deep Cleaner is a 3-in-1 filter that can fix the following problems:

  • Compression artifacts

  • Blurry footage

  • Noise

Check out the video tutorial about AI Deep Clean Filter:

Deep Cleaner won't change the resolution of your video.

Here are some examples of Deep Cleaner in action (zoom in to see the details).

Deep Cleaner becomes very powerful in combination with the upscaling filters.

Deep Cleaner first cleans up the video to remove artifacts, and then the upscaling filter increases the resolution and brings out even more details.

Typical use-cases

Videos downloaded from social media websites like YouTube and Instagram would most likely need the Deep Cleaner filter in order to restore their full quality.

As mentioned before, Deep Cleaner can be very helpful if you want to upscale videos to higher resolution using one of our upscaling AI filters.

Light vs Pro models

You noticed there multiple variants of the Deep Cleaner filter:

  • Pro

  • Light

Differences between these variants are in the speed of processing, cost, and the output quality of the Deep Cleaner filter.

The Light variant is faster and cheaper, but it won't clean up the video as well as the Pro variant.
It's hard to say how much better the Pro version is in terms of quality as it varies from video to video. You should use the Pro version if the video has a lot of compression artifacts, blur, or noise.

If the video has only slight artifacts, blur, or noise, then the Light version should suffice.

We recommend that you always start with the Light variant as you will see the results sooner, and it will cost fewer Credits.

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